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The Regulations set out the rules for the provision of services by Fjorden Anna Gredecka, with its registered office at 149/2 Zbójno Street, 87-645 Zbójno, Tax Id. No.: 5030055385, hereinafter referred to as the „Office”, for the benefit of clients hereinafter referred to as “Ordering Parties”.

I. Preliminary provisions

a. Confirmation of an order for translation services means that the Ordering Party has read and accepted the provisions of these Regulations.

b. The Office provides translation and related services (hereinafter collectively referred to as “translation services”) for a fee, the scope of which is outlined on the Office’s website. The scope of services and price list presented on the site do not constitute an offer within the meaning of civil law and are for informational purposes only. The scope of services can be modified.

c. Translation services are not provided by a sworn translator within the meaning of the Act of April 25, 2004 on the profession of a sworn translator.

II. Placing an order

a. The Ordering Party places an order by sending the material to be translated to, indicating the mode of translation. If the material does not indicate the scope of the translation, it is assumed that the entire text is to be translated.

b. Upon receipt of the materials, the Office submits a price quote for the service to the potential Ordering Party via email. At this stage, it is possible to negotiate the price, completion date and all the details of the order. This stage is non-committal for both parties.

c. The Office does not perform a quote without first reviewing the materials to be translated.

d. Acceptance of an order for performance by the Office is made after acceptance of the price offer by the Ordering Party in the form of an e-mail. Failure to provide such order confirmation is considered by the Office as failure to place an order.

e. Upon receipt of the price offer, the Ordering Party confirms his/her willingness to use the Office’s services by e-mail. Confirmation of the order by the Ordering Party is not tantamount to its acceptance by the Office. Acceptance of the order for performance is made after confirmation of acceptance of the order by the Office by e-mail.

f. If the Ordering Party has sent an order confirmation and has not received a confirmation from the Office, it may mean that the confirmation has not reached the Office. In this case, please contact the Office electronically by sending an email to

g. Materials for translation should be sent electronically to Sending materials for translation does not oblige the Office to accept the performance of the order.

h. Translations are carried out in one mode: ordinary mode (translation of up to 8 billing pages in one working day). Translation begins on the next working day.

III. Implementation of the service

a. The finished translation is sent via an attachment in an e-mail message. On the Client’s request, the file can be sent in a zip package with a password which will be sent in a separate e-mail.

b. The translation shall be sent in the same format as the materials received unless otherwise specified.

c. The order can only be canceled electronically by sending a message to If the order is canceled during the performance of the order, the Ordering Party will be charged with the costs resulting from the amount of translated text until the Ordering Party receives information about the cancellation of the order. The Ordering Party cannot cancel the order on the last day of performance.

IV. Payments

a. Payment for the translation should be made to the bank account or PayPal address provided on the invoice.

b. The Office invoices in the following currencies: PLN, GBP, EUR, and USD.

c. The payment term of the invoice is 14 days from the date of the invoice.

d. The invoice is issued on the date of sending the order unless otherwise agreed.

e. In the event of failure to meet the payment deadline, the Office reserves the right to charge statutory interest for late payment.

f. The Ordering Party shall obtain the economic copyright in the translation upon payment.

V. Complaints

a. The Ordering Party has the right to file a complaint within 14 days of receiving the finished translation.

b. If the Ordering Party submits a complaint after 14 days of receiving the finished translation, he or she has the right to use the service of verification of the translation payable at 50% of the translation price.

c. A complaint will be accepted only if it is sent electronically to and contains a complete description of the objections, including but not limited to an indication of the location and type of errors, as well as contact information (e-mail address) to the person making the objections, for possible clarification of the objections.

d. In justified cases, verification of a translation that was the object of the complaint may be performed free of charge.

e. The Office will respond to the complaint within 14 days.

VI. Confidentiality clause

a. All materials sent electronically to, regardless of the signing of a confidentiality agreement by the parties shall be treated as confidential materials.

b. Data protection is described in the Privacy Policy.

VII. Material liability

a. Material liability for any actual damages and lost profits related to the performance of a defective service shall be limited to the amount of the net remuneration for such service. Still it shall not exceed PLN 5,000 or €1,000 for all translation services performed in a given calendar year.

b. The Office is not responsible for translation errors that result from errors and ambiguities in the source text.

c. The Office is not responsible for any corrections or changes made to the content without the Office’s approval or notification, either by the Ordering Party or by external verifiers with whom the Office has had no contact.

VIII. Final provisions

a. The order may be performed under conditions other than those specified in these regulations. Such conditions are drawn up in the form of a separate agreement between the Office and the Ordering party.

b. The Office does not allow the use of contractual penalties and non-compete clauses in relations with Ordering Parties.

c. The Office performs orders on business days, which are understood to be Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays in Poland, as well as Good Friday and Reformation Day (October 31).

d. To all matters not covered by these Regulations, the relevant provisions of Polish civil law and copyright law shall apply.

e. Any disputes arising from these Regulations shall be settled by the court having jurisdiction over the seat of the Office.

f. The Office reserves the right to amend these Regulations.

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