If you’re a client and need a translator, you should know what kind of translation you need. If you’re a translator and want to be a professional, you should know what kind of translation you offer. This will allow you to save time and choose the best option.

Technical translation

Technical translation doesn’t mean only user manuals. It’s also an academic textbook, financial reports, instructions leaflets, internal notes, etc. Many technical texts have a lot of graphics. That’s why formatting is an important aspect of this type of translation. The translator who chose this specialization and wants to be a professional should learn all the time and know that every single mistake could be dangerous. If you’re a client who needs a technical translator, you should know that technical translation is a big specialization. That’s why not all translator translates all technical texts. For example, a translator can choose as specialization only energy or renewable energy and doesn’t translate academic textbooks.

Legal translation

It’s the most complicated type of translation. Everyone who translates legal texts has to speak very well in both languages, but most important is knowledge about the history and culture of both countries.

Legal translation involves agreements, contracts, birth certificate, marriage certificate, treaties, memorandums, wills, etc.

Medical translation

Many medical translators choose one or two specializations. Medicine is a bigger and more complicated area then technical translation.

This type of translation is very tricky and highly complex. It involves drug labeling, medical equipment manuals, medical documents.


Marketing translation is specific. The language which you use to translate has to be flexible, sometimes text has to rhyme.

Literary translation

Literary translation involves translation of poems, books, and novels. The difficulties faced by the literary translator concerns feeling, culture, untranslatable words, etc.

These aren’t all types of translation, but in my opinion, these are the most popular.

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